About Us

Sixto and Luisa met each other in Lima, Peru where they founded their first restaurant by using their secret family recipes. They went through several struggles understanding the restaurant business just to find themselves closing the restaurant as they were moving to the US along with their four children. 

After 10 years of being in the US working in a variety of jobs, they decided to open a restaurant just like in Peru and in 2010 they opened the first Don Pollo in Queens, New York. They soon found out the hospitality industry in New York City was really competitive, but they did not give up and worked hard to share their passion for food.


Don Pollo's food has been welcomed by locals and foodies visiting NYC. Nowadays, Sixto & Luisa's children are taking care of the businesses.


From time to time you will see Sixto and Luisa in the restaurants, please don't hesitate to say hi to them.  

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